Easy Steps For a Mid-century Modern Look

It's no wonder the post-50's mid-century modern look is one of the most sought after home designs. Here's how to recreate its effortless style and sleek design! 

Retro-modern Lighting: Think industrial exposed designs and post-modern shapes. Mid-century modern lighting is all about filament bulbs, large glass orbs and statement fixtures. Shop our our favourite pieces for statement lighting.

Axel brass pendant, CAD170

Modern round table lamp, CAD89

Bent Plywood: Reminiscent of post-modern architectural engineering, furniture with smooth edges and bent shapes, like the famous Shell Chair, are a classic mid-century modern design. Browse some of our sleek bent plywood designs. 

Shell inspired chair, CAD359.99

Scando inspired table, CAD199.99

Geometric Shapes: Geometric everything! You'll have the mid-century modern aesthetic nailed with our Geometrical cushioned chair. Drawing inspiration from revered designer Eames, the chair combines modern design with the comfort you want from your favourite chair.

Geometrical cushioned chair, CAD59.99

Graphic Artwork: Don't leave your walls bare. Mid-century modern artwork shouts loud with stylised typography colourful graphics. Try a collection of different sized artwork with mismatched frames for a wall piece that makes a post-modern statement.

Scandinavian forest and quote canvas, CAD17.99