Fall Home Decor on a Budget

Crisp cold days, golden leaves, hot steaming mugs and countdown to the holidays, it's no surprise fall is one of our favourite seasons. Not least because the colder weather means we have an excuse to spend more time indoors. If you’re looking to give your home some extra TLC for the colder months, we’ve got the tips you need to make those cosy touches without breaking the bank. Warning: you might not want to ever leave your cosy nest…

1. Fall Colours

We think fall, we think warm tones and earthy colours of orange, maroon and rust. Bring fall nature into your home with seasonal flowers and bushy pampas grass. Or why not make an arrangement of fallen orange leaves in an open ceramic bowl for a rustic feel.

fall decor tips fall colours leaves

Courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect

2. Cosy Throws

Nothing says cosy more than soft furnishings. Yes it’s time to get all of your throws, blankets and pillows out. As well as making everything cosier (who doesn’t love to get under a giant throw), they help to create a welcoming interior and add an extra dimension of colour. Throws and rugs also mean you can prolong making use of your outdoor space when the weather turns cooler.

 fall decor outdoor furniture cosy

Courtesy of Tatiana Home Decor

3. Warm Lighting

Installing ambient, warm-toned lighting does the trick for creating an illusion of warmth. Dotting lights in the nooks and corners of your home is a great way to making your place appear comfortable and welcoming. We love adding fairy lights around the fireplace or hanging them along low ceilings. Try candles for a quick and easy way to create a cosy ambience. Shop our ambient, soft lighting here.

fall decor cosy lighting warm 

desk lamp modern lighting 


4. Textured Fabrics

Give your rooms more depth and dimension with textured patterns. Mix and match decor like woollen throws, fluffy pillows and woven fabrics (cute dogs don’t hurt either).

fall decor cosy throws  

Courtesy of @theblushhome

5. Dining Table Spread

During the time of Thanksgiving and in the lead up to the holidays, we up our hosting game more than ever. Creating a fall inspired table centrepiece is an easy touch that helps to set a welcoming mood of gratitude and cheer. Here are some of our favourites. And if you are in search of the perfect large dining table on a budget, our light ash Solid Wood Dining Table is now on sale!

fall home decor minimal 

minimal modern mid-century table solid wood