Transform your Space with Modern Lighting

The way your home is illuminated has the ability to transform your space instantly. Good lighting sets the tone and can change the mood of a room, creating a desired ambience without any major design reworks. As well as being a crucial element for showcasing your home to its full effect, good lighting can create the illusion of bright spaciousness to warm coziness at the flick of switch.

Here are three ways you can transform your home using the right lighting. Go on - make your home brilliant!


Create a Relaxed Ambience

A more subdued lighting option is an important element when you want to switch modes from day to night, particularly so in your bedroom and living spaces. As you start to wind down in the evenings, switch off overhead lights and stick with softer lighting from strategically placed floor and desk lamps. We love the soft glow that orb lighting gives. Tip: remember to always use warm white light bulbs.

table lap modern

Modern Round Table Lamp, CA$ 89.00 
Place on side tables in bedroom, living room or corridors to set an ambient mood


Create an Illusion of More Space

Don’t let the corners of your rooms be forgotten about, bring them into light with floor lamps to open out the space. Go for lamps with far-reaching light, such as designs with open-bulb designs to maximise illumination.

floor lamp modern

Triclipse Floor Lamp, CA$ 225
Unique three bulb design for a distinctive modern edge


Optimise Productivity

Correct lighting can help to improve productivity. Yes that’s right, research shows that studying in dim lighting reduces our cognitive capacity. Spotlight lamps will help to give focussed light in your study areas and brighten up your favourite reading corners. Go for overhead designs that can be moved and adjusted to your needs.

floor lamp modern design

Aperture Floor Lamp, CA$ 175
Sturdy and versatile lamp with adjustable features